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communiTgrow is a for–profit social enterprise focused on creating substantial change in developing countries by providing a turnkey solution to urban building


communiTgrow is a for–profit social enterprise focused on creating substantial change in developing countries by providing a turnkey solution to urban building. There is an unprecedented opportunity within African countries for developing sustainable, large-scale, turnkey infrastructure projects complete with housing, education and healthcare, all providing economic opportunity.

The foundations of a community are reflected in communiTgrow’s 6-Pillar Model. The Pillars are developed simultaneously within their individual contexts, to be fully integrated and mutually-beneficial to each other.


The foundations of an inclusive urban build are reflected in communiTgrow Africa’s 6-Pillar Model.

The communiTgrow Model was developed in 2009 in Cape Town, when the need for community-based solutions to urbanization in the metropole and the rest of Africa became clear. communiTgrow’s solution is based on strategic insight, supported by quantitative and qualitative analysis into the property development sector, capital markets and African economies. The model embodies regenerative, sustainable and functional cities for Africa, from an African perspective.

Furthermore, the Pillars facilitate integrated solutions which address multiple challenges in the various sectors of a community, allowing people, the environment and the economy to co-evolve.

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A healthy economy is essential to providing people with a platform to earn a livelihood and contribute to society.

An ideal economy is an accessible, inclusive and encouraging arena for entrepreneurs. Growth is stimulated through programs that offer people knowledge, new skills, and access to finance. People are employable and easily matched to job opportunities in industries that address the needs of the local population. All ventures operate in a way that is environmentally sustainable.

The size and scale of the local population will provide the critical mass needed to enable a self– sustaining thriving local economy.

Targeted industries will be determined by the needs of the population and environmental viability. Areas such as renewable energy, information and communications technology, learning, agri & aqua infrastructure, innovation and transport will be a main focus.

Residents will be offered employment and opportunities to continually learn and grow through lifelong educational and training programs. All economic activities will be planned and integrated from the initial stages of development to create localized value chains. A governing body will assist in setting up partnerships and facilitating entrepreneurial programs and skills development to ensure sustainable growth of both the economy and the community.


A home is a place of safety, shelter, and expression of people’s individuality and culture.


A complete home is a safe space that reflects one’s identity, a place of comfort and dignity that is affordable to all and not just the wealthy. It exists within a caring and efficient & safe neighborhood that functions daily with consideration for the community and the environment.

The communiTgrow housing solution is focused on addressing challenges in a manner that is sustainable and for the betterment of families and communities.


Homes will all be affordable to their specific markets and will uphold a high standard of living. Public infrastructure will ensure all neighborhoods receive adequate municipal services and function efficiently with a low toll on the environment.

Neighborhoods will be designed so that amenities like schools, shops and reliable public transport are within walking distance, with every resident having access to education, healthcare facilities and community service.

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Health is a state of well-being that is dependent on all facets of one’s life.


A flawless health system provides people with knowledge, care, and support to proactively preserve their well–being. Health facilities are accessible to all and equip people to prevent them from becoming ill, provide treatment to those in need, and care for people in recovery.

CommuniTgrow maintains a philosophy of a healthy, active lifestyle that is embedded within a community through the promotion of the overall well–being of residents. Health goes beyond medical treatment to include good eating habits, safe environments and sufficient exercise.

Spatial design will ensure residents live in a safe and healthy environment, with a variety of healthcare solutions that are easily accessible. Alternative health options will decrease the demand on the traditional system, allowing all establishments to provide better care, including people who are recuperating at home. Health facilities will be designed to maximize efficiency and to include continual learning programs for health professionals, so that the community’s needs are always cared for.

Education is the preparation necessary for people to fulfil their aspirations.


Education provides people with the knowledge and skills to confidently venture into their vocation and to become conscious, compassionate, global citizens. Learning is a lifelong process that allows people to remain locally and internationally relevant by continually developing their skills base and understanding. communiTgrow understands that education is more than a syllabus, but rather a shared responsibility between educators, learners, parents, businesses and the wider community.

All those seeking to learn and grow will be empowered, enriched and inspired, regardless of age and economic standing. Multifunctional facilities that can accommodate various learning programs and activities benefit neighborhoods and motivate a sense of pride and ownership within a community. Education systems will be all–encompassing, from early childhood development through to tertiary education and adult training.

All learners and teachers will have the support of quality infrastructure, resources and services. Integrating and coordinating all facets of the education system to encourage information sharing and ensure a consistent standard is maintained throughout all precincts is key.

Partnerships with local businesses ensure relevant vocational training so all citizens have the opportunity to work in their desired field.

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A well-governed community operates with functional and environmental efficiency, where everyone is equally considered and provided for.


An optimal community is strongly linked to governance organizations through effective communication with a philosophy of transparency and accountability. 

All citizens are offered reliable civic and community services that incorporate their ideals and values into the running and future growth of the urban build. Public spaces are safe, desirable environments for people to spend time and interact with each other, information and the natural world.

communiTgrow considers the community as a major stakeholder and so a centralized governance system with full community representation will deliver a prime environment for people to live, work and grow with the comfort of safety. Community development will be addressed with an integrated approach for better service supply to the population. Facilities will include public parks, community centers sports arenas, safety and rescue units, and libraries. These community facilities will be multifunctional and supported with services like entrepreneurial and business training, transport, security and efficient management of all facilities.

These initiatives work hand–in–hand with facilities and programs provided in the health, education and regenerative ecology pillars. Facilities and services will be accessible to all within a well– defined structured governance model and will address specific needs to enable growth and prosperity.


An approach to processes that nurture and foster sustainability throughout a whole-systems design carefully considering all aspects of Environment, Social and Governance, and in Milkwood’s case Economics.


A Regenerative approach iscommitted to processes that nurture and foster sustainability through a whole-system design. In a regenerative environment, people are conscious of the effects that their actions and habits have on the environment and are motivated to not only reduce impact but revive damaged ecosystems. Whether in the context of manufacturing or in one’s home, waste is minimized by using and recycling by–products. 

The economy harnesses natural resources to rely less on harmful forms of power and fuel, to increase biodiversity and to create healthy ecosystems for all to enjoy and contribute to. communiTgrow envisions design which goes beyond simple sustainability and reaches the point of regenerating the surrounding land.


Communities will enjoy healthy food, water and energy security which will help create job opportunities, to alleviate poverty, and build a resilient community with the benefits of a low–carbon economy. Water systems, energy and transport will be designed to minimize environmental impact and contribute to the local green economy. Design will enable the land’s latent potential to be fully utilized, reducing the need for man– made systems. Alternative energy innovations will be strategically placed throughout the community so we alll can enjoy a healthy, regenerative environment.

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